Disco Trend for Fall/Winter…

If you have read some of my previous blog posts, then you know how much I love disco…I grew up in a house where disco was ALWAYS playing…My mother cleaned the house listening to it… My father played it in the car….he still does…Studio 54 is always on in his car…anyways…Both of my parents have tremendous style and fashion sense, and I remember admiring their outfits during this period of time. Look at them!!! Wide collar….block heels…the print on my mom’s dress…it is ALL BACK…



The Studio 54 vibe was spotted on all the fashion runways recently, and it is spilling into stores. It is time to be groovy with glitter, gold, metallics, satin, furs, wide leg pants….platform shoes…

Here are some practical looks you can try that align with the disco trend.

  1. Wide leg pants: Some people are reluctant to wear wide leg pants because they feel it makes them look wider…this is totally not true…in fact it makes you look taller and slimmer. Here is a pic of me rocking the wide leg pants…my legs definitely look longer than my 4’11” self….


Here are some pics of wide leg pant looks that will work for work or a night out… Express and Ann Taylor Loft have a great selection of these in a variety of sizes and lengths.


2. “Loud” Prints on Dresses: (check out my mom’s dress in the pic above….it’s baaacckkkkk…wish she saved it actually)


Here is me in a maxi I found in Marshalls…



3. Satin Anything: FYI….Satin is super sexy ALWAYS!


4.  Gold ANYTHING:


which leads into…..


5. sequins…sequins…and more sequins….


6. Leopard prints: (one of my faves)


7. Metallic Shoes:


8. Flared Pants:


Here is me in a flared pair of jeans that are YEARS old….but I always saved them because I love flares and knew they would come back eventually!




*If you are looking for one place to shop that has a variety of disco-like looks, then check out Madison Ave. in Melrose. They had everything from platform shoes, to sparkly tanks, to Fendi bags (which were a hit in the 1970s)….and she has LOTS OF GOLD!!!


Look what I found!!! A Dolce and Gabbana, satin pencil skirt……for less than $100!!! How excited was I…not only did it have two disco trends in one (satin and leopard)….but I got a high-end designer skirt for less than $100 in a classic print that actually FIT right!


The owner, Katie, is awesome!! Tell her I sent you in 🙂 Happy Shopping!