Wardrobe Essential: Leather leggings!!!!

I remember being reluctant to even try these on a few years ago…..wow was I stupid!!! Once I bought a pair for my cousin’s bachelorette party they became my go-to clothing item to wear to numerous night events…and they work in all 4 seasons!!! with boots, booties, flats, and heels…..They became a new best friend to me…kind of like my converse sneakers….a white tank top…and a denim shirt are close to my heart….Here are some ways to work leather leggings into your current wardrobe.

  1. With a white blouse:


2. With a denim shirt:


3. With a black top—–all black everything!!



4. With a splash of hot pink:


5. Paired with leopard print:


6. With a splash of red:


7. With a sweater:


8. Paired with stripes:


9. Paired with a white t-shirt:


10. Paired with converse:

I love leather leggings and have worn them out many times throughout the year!

No matter what your style is, leather leggings are truly versatile. There is a pair for everyone whether you are plus sized or petite (I do hem mine lol). They are practical enough for a casual look and sexy enough to wear for a night out with the girls or your significant other. Here are two of my favorites. The first pair comes from Express. This pair looks best with a longer blouse or sweater.


The second pair comes from one of my FAVORITE boutiqes…Aine’s in Reading….This pair goes with anything and is super flattering because of the higher waist!! Definitely go check them out and mention my blog when you do 🙂



I am seriously encouraging you to head out and try on some leather leggings. You will not regret this purchase!! Please reach out to me if you need any help finding a pair for yourself!! Happy Shopping!!