Velvet is not just for the holidays!

Have you noticed all of the velour and velvet in the stores lately? I was obsessed with Juicy velour track suits back in the day….remember these?


I think I had every color you could possibly buy…anyways…the velvet/velour trend for Fall 2017 involves a bit more than a tracksuit….There are dresses, pants, and shoes in velvet…tons of options to choose from!! Although we often think of velvet clothing in shades of black or holiday green/red….this season it is available in various jewel tones. Although it may feel weird to start wearing velvet in September and not waiting until after Thanksgiving…..I am going to just embrace it….kind of like when I continued to wear white past Labor Day and before Memorial Day and fell in love with it! Here are some ways I think velvet and/or velour can be worked into your Fall wardrobe.

  1. Coats/Jackets


2. Skirts


3. Dresses


4. Wide leg pants


5. Joggers


6. Shirts (obsessed with the pic on the left)


7. Shoes

The one thing I will say about velvet is that it is probably more of a nighttime look…..there is something about velvet that just seems “dressy” no matter what. However, I do think a velvet shirt or joggers could be easily worn during the day. In fact, a velvet shirt is one of those wear from “day-to-night” items that you can keep on all day. I did find two items in Marshalls recently…..a velvet pencil skirt and a velvet top….both in black….I know…I know…BUT I should preface this with the information that I have a 10-year-old, light blue, velvet blazer from Old Navy…I put it in the donation bags numerous times….but I just could not part with it for some reason..and I am so glad I did not because it is so trendy right now. I will definitely be wearing it with a white tank and jeans and nude heels this fall….how cute is it??? It even has rhinestone buttons 🙂 See why I kept it?? lol


Ok… anyways…here are pics of some of the velvet clothing items that I recently got….The maxi skirt…for only $7.99 in Marshalls!!!!! I mean…..come on…..


And the black top…I loved this top because it is kind of like a sweater and kind of like a sweatshirt…but, yet, it has sheer cut outs in between the velvet material to make it dressy enough to wear at night….I can totally see myself wearing this with my old school Adidas sneakers and jeans on a Saturday afternoon, and then changing into red stilettos at night to dress it up. This shirt cost only $14.99!! Basically, I scored two trendy velvet items for less than $25!!!


Also… favorite velvet find comes from Rada Boutique in Melrose. They have a super cute black velvet tank! It looks awesome with the pearl necklace and a pair of jeans for a night out….and it will be perfect for the upcoming holiday season!


If you decide to embrace the velvet trend I suggest buying one or two items that will not break the bank because you will probably stop wearing velvet by early March anyways. In other words…it is not a year round material if you catch my drift….on the flip side….anything you buy in this material is super-duper comfy!!!! soooo happy shopping peeps!!