(Not a Black) leather jacket…

I love leather jackets. I love black leather jackets….they are a classic…I have one….

IMG_0446but I mean how many black leather jackets do you see on the street or out on a Friday night.

This Fall, colored leather jackets are trending in a huge way!!! I am loving them! Here are some colors that I love to see in a leather jacket lately.


  1. WHITE: White is the opposite of black in clothing colors….most of you have a lot of black clothing in you closets…so why not contrast your “all black everything” outfits with a crisp leather jacket?



2. TAN: Tan is a neutral that literally matches everything from black to white to navy to green. It also looks great on most skin tones.



3. RED: Red is a very popular trend in clothing and accessories during this Fall, as well as for the upcoming winter season. Red is sharp….makes you stand out….is always classic, yet sexy. Again…try and pair this with your all black outfits. Red also looks great with prints, such as leopard and stripes.




4. MAROON/WINE: If red is too bold for you, then try a leather jacket in a maroon color or port wine color that is trending now and in the same color family is red.



5. GREEN: Green is a universal flattering shade. It looks great on red heads, blondes, and brunettes. It also flatters people who have brown or green eyes. Green leather jackets looks great with casual clothes and if your wardrobe contains a lot of neutral shades in it.



Now you can find these jackets in many stores for cheap prices and fake material…and that is ok if you want a trendy color. I have purchased a maroon one from Forever 21 and a white one from Marshalls. However, I recently found a great quality one that comes from Express. It comes in colors!!! It is also available online in more sizes than what the store actually carries. You can find coupons and promotional codes online always for Express, and I find that their jackets do last years. I am buying either the tan or the chianti color very soon!!!!



Here is me sporting my white leather jacket for a recent girl’s night out!



Definitely purchase a “not black” leather jacket this Fall. I guarentee you will be wearing it again in early spring 2018!