I have been inundated with messages from people asking me for help regarding what to wear to work now that they are back in the office, as well as how they can still feel comfortable in their clothes like they did when they worked from home, while still looking somewhat professional. Offices definitely are more […]

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Sneakers Over Heels????

When athleisure wear took over during COVID heels kind of took a back seat in the style world. Now I will always love high heels, but I am starting to love the fact that sneakers are now accepted in the work place more often and even for a night out as part of your “look.” […]

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Streetwear that Slays!!!

Casual streetwear is blowing up! I recently had someone ask me what streetwear is and how they can wear it so I decided to write an article about how to rock this trend. Bike shorts and blazer: 2. Velour tracksuit: 3. Logo t-shirts: 4. Denim joggers: 5. Bucket hats: The best part about streetwear style […]

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