Sneakers Over Heels????

When athleisure wear took over during COVID heels kind of took a back seat in the style world. Now I will always love high heels, but I am starting to love the fact that sneakers are now accepted in the work place more often and even for a night out as part of your “look.” Here are some fresh and trendy ways to style your fave sneakers.

*Side note: I suggest getting a white pair because they literally go with anything and everything.

  1. With skirts:

2. With bodycon dresses: I love this look for night time.

3. With wide leg pants:

4. With a t-shirt dress:

5. With a blazer: Great for work!

So do not get rid of your heels people but definitely embrace the comfort of sneakers on a daily basis…..I mean why wouldn’t you? They are chic and on trend šŸ™‚