August Top Ten!

Ahhhh the end of summer….not my most favorite time of year, however, I do have a lot of cool favorites on this month’s top 10!

  1. Baccarat Rouge Perfume: If you have not smelled this yet, it is a must….but I will say… is expensive and definitely for special occasions and nights out.

2. Pantone Fall/Winter 21-22 Spring Lake: This is the perfect “pewter” color.

And check out this gorgeous dress by Voltage Boutique in Wakefield, Mass.

3. Bumble Bee Snack Pack: When I do not have time to eat lunch or make lunch, this is what I grab. Just ordered a ton on Amazon FYI.

4. The Luxe Life Podcast: If you are into podcasts, this one is a must listen. It is based in Philly and hosted by the well-known Lesha Vincent. Click the link below for my episode.

5. Wheat Thins Snack Packs: My son loves these and I will definitely be sending them in his lunch bag.

6. V8 Hydration: A great way to hydrate with some veggies snuck in and it is low in sugar.

7. Snoopy Nostalgia: I loved Snoopy as a kid! Like Loved! Even my son’s baby nursery was decorated in Snoopy. Well, he’s back. He is actually the star of the Coach store currently.

8. Scrunch Socks with Patches: I have been designing these recently as I am loving the return of the scrunch sock look over leggings and with bike shorts. These can be custom made…..will be making a ton of Fall styles with footballs and cheer patches. Please email me at for questions and orders or message me on insta @tg7styles

9. Cotton Candy Grapes: Healthy snack when I am craving sweets and they are only available for a limited time.

10. Activewear Set by @the_luxe_dose_: My friend Bianca recently got these in her office and these sets are super flattering and super comfy. Order em up!

Hope you enjoyed the latest edition of the monthly top 10!