I have been inundated with messages from people asking me for help regarding what to wear to work now that they are back in the office, as well as how they can still feel comfortable in their clothes like they did when they worked from home, while still looking somewhat professional. Offices definitely are more casual after the pandemic. Most people do not want to wear suits anymore or dresses and heels every day. It just so happens that sneakers are super trendy and acceptable to wear with just about anything. SO what is workleisure you may ask? Well, it is a comfy, yet stylish and professional way to dress for your job. Here are some outfit ideas for you on how to attain your current work styles!

  1. Sweater with leggins:

2. Blazer with jeans:

3. Wedge sneakers over heels:

4. Wide leg pants:

5. Dress with sneakers:

6. Joggers:

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