Velour Tracksuit: Happy 2000 is back

I loved velour sweatsuits back in the day so much that I even kept a few of them. They were so soft and comfy! Do you remember them? If not, here is a visual.

I am pleased to report that they are now back and considered super stylish to wear. They are very, very similar to the ones that were around in the early 2000s, but there are some slight differences and you can definitely wear them with more than just sneakers. Here are some ways to sport the velour tracksuit trend.

  1. With Boots:

2. With White Sneakers:

3. In a Jogger Style:

4. Wide Legs:

You can find a velour tracksuit in a designer brand or you can find one at Walmart for less than $30. I actually think it is refreshing to see this trend repeat itself. They flatter everyone and they are super practical! What are your thoughts on this?