Most Dreamed About Designer Items….

I recently had someone ask me what I thought were the most worthwhile designer items to invest in. I did a few polls of my readers asking them if they could splurge on a designer item and price was no object…. what would they choose…..and here is the list they came up with!!! Some of the items have been around for years and will never lose their value. Although these items come with a very expensive price tag, you can often find them on sites, such as ebay, poshmark, the real real, or in consignment shops for half the price tag. Well……here we go with the list!!!

  1. Chanel Flap Bag:

2. Burberry Trench Coat:

3. Prada Backpack:

4. Ray ban Sunglasses:

5. Cartier Love Bracelet:

6. Rolex:

7. Burberry Scarf:

8. YSL Clutch:

9. Gucci Belt:

10. Louis Vuitton Tote:

11. Versace Headscarf:

12. Christian Laboutin Whie Heels:

13. Christian Laboutin Sneakers:

It is always nice to browse and dream 🙂