Sneaker Trends 2021!!!!

Sneakers have always been one of the most popular forms of footwear for women for decades. However, with the rise in popularity of athleisure wear, sweat suits, and joggers, sneakers have exploded. I must say I am LOVING all of the latest trends and styles out there…..gonna be a hard decision peeps!

Here is my list!!

  1. Neutral sneaker colors:

2. Retro, suede and leather basketball sneakers:

3. High Tops:

4. Platforms:

5. Dior B22:

6. Nike Blazer Low:

7. Veja Vegan Sneakers:

8. Gucci new ace sneakers:

9. White, Wedge Puma:

10. White Adidas (any style white adidas will do):

11. Red Bottom Sneakers (Yup the coveted Laboutin shoe brand makes sneakers now):

Happy Sneaker Shopping!!!

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