How to Make Your Sweatpants Look “Spring and Summer.”

I made friends again with old school sweats in 2020. They are comfy, and they can actually be very flattering if you wear them with the right tops. Someone recently asked me if they can wear their sweats when the weather gets warmer….why not??? It can get chilly at night and it can also be chilly with the air conditioner on too so why not be warm and comfy? They also make sweats in lightweight cotton. Ok so here are some ways you can transition your sweats from cold weather to warm weather!!!

  1. With a bodysuit:

2. With a crop top:

3. With a denim jacket:

4. In a pastel color:

5. In a tan/nude color:

Target and Walmart and Amazon have a ton of sweats in all sizes and colors for less than $20!

Happy Shopping!