Easy Halloween Costumes….

Every year, I get multiple requests to write this blog. A few years back I wrote about how you can take items you already own and combine it with 1 or 2 small purchases to create a fast and fun Halloween look. Here are my 2021 ideas!

  1. Cruella: They sell the wig online and red gloves and you can just add some basic black and white pieces.

2. Butterfly: Just buy the wings!

3. Mummy: Find some old white clothes you do not mind dying with paint and ripping up a tad.

4. Pirate: Wear black and white and add a bandana

5. Army Girl: There is so much camo everything in the stores now, and at least you can wear the items again.

6. Bat: Wear all black and buy the wings.

7. Vampire: Buy some cool Halloween vampire makeup. fake teeth and a cape.

8. Sandy from Grease: If you own leather leggings and have blonde hair, all you really need to do is curl it up, but they do sell Sandy wigs on Amazon as well.

9. Popcorn: Try and find an inexpensive red and white skirt and paint white balloons with yellow and attach them to a t-shirt.

10. Spider: I did this two years ago and bought spider face decals and webbed tights. You can also rip up an old shirt you have to make it look like a web.

11. Head above the clouds: No explanation needed….lol I thought this was too cute.

12. Plant: If you end up buying a clothing item with this leaf print, you can save it for a vacation get away.

13. Emoji: Just buy paint or iron on patches.

14. Blessing in Disguise: Amazon has a ton of tees with the word “blessing” on them.

***** AND if dressing up is really not your thing, then there are so many graphic Halloween shirts that look super cute with jeans for a party.

Happy Halloween!