Halloween Costume Ideas….

Here it is folks! The annual Thrill of the Hunt DIY Costume Guide! There were so many cute ideas for this year. Here are my favorites! 2. Western Girls: 3. Spelling Bee: 4. Cheetah: 5. Where’s Waldo: 6. Cher from Clueless: 7. Tourist: 8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: 9. Strawberry: 10. Mother Earth: 11. Juice Box: […]

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Easy Halloween Costumes….

Every year, I get multiple requests to write this blog. A few years back I wrote about how you can take items you already own and combine it with 1 or 2 small purchases to create a fast and fun Halloween look. Here are my 2021 ideas! Cruella: They sell the wig online and red […]

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