Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas….

Both last year and this year I get a ton of messages starting October 1 asking for guidance about Halloween costumes. Last year’s article was a hit and people were sending me pics of themselves in costumes I had suggested and I loved seeing them! Here are this year’s pics!!! (And no….what I will be wearing this year did not make the list because I can’t give all my secrets away BUT what I wore the last two Halloweens is on here.)


  1. Gumball Machine: Super easy…just glue fuzzy balls on a shirt, which you can get from a craft store, and wear with clothes you already have and you are done!


2. Witch: I mean….just get a black hat….wear something black (as dressy or casual as you want) and perhaps do some scary face makeup!



3. 1980s Girl: The 80s and neon are very trendy right now, as are 80s style accessories so this is one super easy DIY.


4. Superwoman: Both Target and Amazon sell these t-shirts



5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Just get the classic accessories to match this iconic character and wear your favorite little black dress.


6. Pirate: Get a bandanna, a striped shirt, maybe some chains etc….


7. Scarecrow/Farmer: Put on jeans, overalls or a flannel, and then get a straw hat and paint your face. Done!



8. Pumpkin: So many stores sell inexpensive pumpkin t-shirts. Wear with leggings or a tulle skirt (which you can find at Amazon and dress up later for the holiday season)


9. Devil: Wear anything red and just buy the horns. Throw on some red lipstick for an added touch.



10. Unicorn: You can wear a white t-shirt, a graphic unicorn slogan t-shirt, or even a “onesie” pajamas…….just get a bright colored wig and paint your face and voila!

I did this last year and added rainbow leggings. It was so easy and I was comfortable all day long!



****And if you want amazing Halloween makeup done (or any makeup done for that matter) check out my girl Lauren Vitale on her instagram @laurenglitter or call her at 617-719-0590



If you would like some help planning your Halloween costumes please let me know!