June Top 10!!!!

I feel like I write this over and over again, but it really does still amaze me how popular my monthly top 10 lists continue to be. It is very flattering to think people value and are interested in my recommendations! With that being said, here is the June top 10!

  1. Cropped Croco Leggings from Booty by Brabants: These are my favorite workout pants for summer. You can not see through them and they don’t show sweat on a hot day. Trust me…..I know because I do spin classes in them. They also flatter almost everyone. There are curvy fits too for various size options.

2. Overalls as coverups: Overalls were popular a few summers ago as a fashion trend. They have faded out a little bit, but I think they look adorable over swimwear for a beach day. These are from target!

3. Collagen shots: These are an anti-aging fighter from the inside out and they come in convenient little pre packaged bottles. See the insta handle below for more info! Or message Kerrie Harrington Casey on Facebook.

4. Platform sandals: They are comfy and add a little height….and they remind me of 1998!

5. Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is a must in the summer heat because let’s face it, who wants to dry their hair on a 90 degree day? I love the smell of this one.

6. Upcycled Buckles: I am loving the trend of using designer bags and upcycling them into more affordable pieces. Check out these belt buckles from http://www.bethsbuckles.com

7. Wicked Pickles: If you love pickles these are a must try!!!! I like the spicy ones best! You can find them in local grocery stores.

8. Cape Cod Summer Chips: These just scream summer in Massachusetts…..not to mention I love chips in summer!!!

9. Langers Cucumber Mint: I am not the best at drinking enough water….it is like blah to me…..a splash of this adds a little flavor without the added sugar.

10. 1960s floral prints: They are so fun for summer and super trendy. Check this blouse out from LIT Boutique.

Hope you enjoyed the monthly top 10!