What is in my beach bag this summer?

Believe it or not I get asked this question repeatedly every summer…..so every summer I think I write this blog post….lol

Here is what is in my beach bag for summer 2021.

  1. Target beach towels: I love these. They are $5 and they wash great too.

2. Slides: I am loving floral slides lately.

3. Maui browning lotion: I love a tan in the summer….I know I know….but I do….this lotion is amazing period!

4. Dry Oil Spray: There is something about suntan oil that makes me think about my childhood in the 1980s, but I hate that sticky feeling of having oil on me all day….especially getting into a car. This dry oil spray is great. Works like an oil with spf and no stickiness.

5. Tinted Lip Balm: I like to wear a little color on my lips, but I do like to protect my lips with an spf because the skin is so delicate in that area and definitely ages fast too.

6. Bucket Hat: The hat of 2021

7. Flavored water: I never drink enough water which is so important when you are in the sun all day. Flavored water makes me drink more than I normally would and I am loving this lemon flavored one.

8. Oversized sweatshirt: I am always cold….always….I never not have a sweatshirt in my beach bag.

9. Denim shorts: These are perfect to throw on when walking around and they match every bathing suit.

10. Sunglasses: I mean this is a given I think for most people. This summer I am loving oversized glasses, classic aviators, and an angled cat eye.

And by the way…..how cute is this beach bag that was made for me???