February Top 10!!!

I feel like I say this every month, but it truly does amaze me at the amount of readership I receive each month on my monthly top 10!!! It is extremely flattering to know people care about what I care about!!! Ok here is the latest top ten faves!!!

  1. Windowpane Print: I love wearing classic black and white prints, but lately I am loving this particular combo. My two piece set is from Amazon.

2. Target Cropped Hoodie: This is super soft, it is less than $20, and it comes in a variety of colors.

3. Basic Tops from LIT Boutique: LIT has a whole slew of basic tops on their shelves that can be mixed and matched for casual looks. My latest purchase is this black, long sleeve waffle t. Check them out on insta @litboutique

4. The return of the 90s jumpsuit: This black jumpsuit is from http://www.sewmiaboutique.com

4. Oreo Brookie: No words needed. I am a fan of the Oreo and this is just amazing.

6. YSL Lip Kit: My best friend located this set for me and I love!!! The 4 colors are amazing and mini enough for travel!!!

7. Rock T as a Dress: Buy them oversized and wear over tights……very 80s chic. This one comes from @heartandsoleboston

8. Mustard Color Clothes with Leopard Shoes: Loving this combo…..

9. Dark Russet Chips: When I was little my father loved these chips and I would not even try them. Boy was I stubborn because they are delish!

10. Seint Makeup: A friend of mine introduced me to this line of makeup recently. It is easily blended and can be customized. You can send a selfie or facetime Marianna and she will match you right up in less than 5 minutes. It is totally inexpensive and it all fits in one compact. Message @m_isformakeup on insta!

Hope you enjoyed my latest top 10!