Jogger Alert

I fell in love with the jogger style look a few years ago, and am so glad it is sticking around. Joggers flatter all body types, and petite women can often buy joggers in a children’s size large or extra large so the length is appropriate for them. I feel that since COVID came upon us, casual styles have taken over people’s closets as their lifestyle has changed. However, with any trend that sticks around, I believe it is good to shake up your look from time to time so you don’t get stuck in a style rut. Here are some ways to style your joggers differently.

  1. Long Sleeve Crops:


2. Add Heels for Evening Looks:


3. Pair a Bodysuit: (This helps make the waist appear slimmer when balanced with the jogger’s wider hip and thigh fit)


4. Buy in a Tie Dye Print:



5. Buy in a Leopard Print:



If you don’t have a pair of joggers, I highly suggest you invest in a pair because they are trendy, comfortable, and just…..easy…..

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