September Top 10!!!

September always seems so new and fresh to me, but maybe because it is usually back to school time and I am a teacher? Anyhow, I had a hard time narrowing down my monthly top 10. I feel like I say this every month…lol…..but legit, I had to save some for October!

Ok Here goes my list

  1. Naeli Face Cleanser: I was offered this product as an influencer and decided to try it out. I love it!! It is non toxic, has no harsh chemicals, and it really exfoliates all the sun damage from summer. Make sure you follow them @naelinaturals on instagram.

2. Werther’s Pumpkin Caramels: These are so soft and amazing and if you love pumpkin you have to try them. I found them at Target.

3. Long Cardigan: I am obsessed with this look over shorts lately, and I may have bought every single color that Marshalls has.

4. NYX Apple Crisp: Not only do I love the name for Fall, but I love the orange red color that it is. This color looks amazing on so many skin tones.

Speaking of orange and red…..

5. I am loving that color combo!!! Especially in florals. Check out these gorgeous flowers from my guy and this pretty blouse from Express.

6. Grey and White Combo: I kinda feel grey and white helps us slowly transition to winter clothes in a trendy way, and yes, I am one of those people that wears white all year long.

Not to my mention my Cosmo is grey and white too!

7. Snakeskin boots: I have loved animal print boots for years, but I am really loving the block, heel ankle boots in snakeskin prints that are everywhere. I scored these at Macy’s online for 70% off!!!!

8. Fedora Hats: I always thought of wearing these only in warmer weather, but I must say I really like how they look with camel and white Fall and Winter clothes.

9. Whitening Toothpaste: My cousin’s wife Stefanie has started an at home business during the past year, and one of the products she sells is a whitening toothpaste. I admit that I was skeptical because I have tried so many over the years, but this one definitely works! It has no bleach or peroxide, is gluten free, removes stains, restores whiteness, and is safe for children, as well as pregnant and breast feeding mommies. It also works to take off coffee and wine stains from your teeth too. If you would like to try it please join Stefania Vozzella’s Facebook group BV’s Product Paradise. Check out how the product works on people’s teeth!

10. Soft Pillow Clutch: I am not one to try out trendy bags. I usually stick to my classics. In fact the last bag trend I fell for was 3 years ago when the bamboo trend came out….hence….it has been awhile I guess!!!! But I am loving the large, pillow clutch bag that was introduced by Marc Jacobs last year. Bottega Veneta also has a gorgeous one that has been all over instagram too. Stay tuned for the perfect dupe I found on amazon in a future article.

I hope you liked this month’s edition of my top 10!!!