How to Style Your Swimwear

With so many instructions in the world today due to COVID, many people are spending their time at the beach, lake, or pool. In fact, I have gotten some messages from people asking me how to spruce up their swimwear because they feel that that is the only time they are with people and have a chance to show their style. Here are some ways you can style up your swimwear without breaking the bank.


*Put a chic white blouse over your bathing suit:


*Layer some funky necklaces:


*Wear bike shorts over your swimwear for a sporty look:


*Throw on a tie dye sweatshirt for cooler days you are near the water:


*Wear joggers as a bottom as summer draws to an end:


*Wear a bright colored headband or headscarf….my current fave look:




Don’t forget to tag me in your swimwear looks people!!!!