July Top Ten Faves!

July….the half way point of summer….many of us like to stop time during this month so we can hang on to summer a bit longer. I love so many things this month that it is soooo hard to narrow it down to just ten, but here goes.

  1. Honey Dew Iced Coconut Coffee: Delish and NO sugar!



2. Dark Chocolate Brownies: I love dark chocolate and I love brownies. My son, on the other hand, does not love dark chocolate but he said these are the best brownies ever!



3. Essie Marshmallow: My favorite toe polish color for July since like 1999….


4. Turquoise Jewelry: I love anything in this color palette as a pop of color for an accessory in summer. It brightens everyone’s face right up.


5. Express paper bag waist shorts: I love this style short anyways. they are the best for hiding any kind of bloating, and they are super trendy. Express online has a ton on clearance right now.




6. Motivational Necklaces from LIT Boutique in Boston: I love necklaces that have meaning, and I absolutely love all of these when I saw them last week at the store when I was in the North End of Boston.



7. Jax: This bengal cat is a love!!! I was always a dog person and never thought of myself as a cat person, but I fell in love with my man’s kitten! He is not only beautiful, but he has such an amazing personality too. Who knows…..maybe you’ll see a kitten in my household in the near future too.


8. Old School Gym Shorts: These are ridiculously comfy. I never thought I would be into these shorts, but here I am sporting them. This pair is from Kohls.


9. Dark Green in Summer: I always thought of this color as a shade to wear from Sept. through April. However, it is such a universally flattering color on everyone why don’t we wear it year round. Well, I chose to wear it to a summer event recently and got so many compliments that I decided to make this a year round rotation color I think.


10. Bandana as a headband: It is a classic summer accessory and actually way more comfy then the traditional headband.


Hope you enjoyed the latest edition of the monthly top 10!