My Fave Dupes!!!

Almost every blogger I know has a list of their favorite “dupes.” What is a dupe you ask? Well, it is a inexpensive replica of more expensive items you like. I am someone that totally believes in investing money on a designer bag or coat because they last for years and years, but there are so many items out there you can find that look almost the same for so much less money. Here is my current list of dupes.


  1. Valentino Studded Flip Flops vs. Amazon’s version: $425 vs. $23!!!!


2. Mac Lipliner in Spice vs. Nyx Lipliner in Soft Brown:



3. Lululemon Free to be Wild Sports Bra vs. the Forever 21 version:




4. Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings vs. 90 Degrees on Amazon:


5. Cult Gaia Bamboo Bag vs. Amazon’s version:




Hope you enjoyed my latest list of dupes!!! Let me know if you would like a monthly “dupe” article!!!