What is in my beach bag???

Believe it or not, I have received a ton of messages about what I pack for the beach or pool. Either people pack too much in their beach bags, or they do not take enough. Here is what seems to be coming with me this summer.


  1. Target beach towels: I love these, and they are only $6! They come in various colors. They do not take up the entire bag because they are not super thick, and they also wash well. I got grey so both my son and I can use them.



2. Scrunchies: They keep your hair in a bun when you swim, and they do not leave that line in your hair if it is straight.



3. Waterproof mascara: This is my favorite one! Even when I go to the pool or the beach, I always put my mascara on….it is the one thing I never leave the house without wearing.




4. Chap Stick Total Hydration: It keeps your lips hydrated in the hot sun and adds just a hint of color too.



5. Tanning Oil: This has been my favorite one for decades!!! I use it on my legs, abs, and arms. It has a hint of bronzer in it too.



6. Lotion for face: This is the best sunscreen lotion for the face. It is SPF 30 and it is super lightweight and does not make you break out.



7. Travel size salt spray for hair: If you spray this on wet hair at the beach or pool, you will have awesome waves for dinner or a night out later on.



8. Fedora: This beach hat is a classic. It looks good on all face shapes. It keeps the sun out of your face, but also looks stylish if your hair is a mess from swimming and sweating in the sun. If you are on the tinier side like I am, then purchase a children’s hat instead. They look exactly the same, cost less, and will fit your face better.



I hope you have many fun summer days this year!