What is in My Bag?

I recently got asked what I carry every day in my pocketbook…….first of all, I carry a tote every day because I think it is practical, easy and fits a ton!!!! Ok, so here is what I carry on the day to day basis! Mini Umbrella 2. Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer 3. Nyx […]

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What is in my beach bag???

Believe it or not, I have received a ton of messages about what I pack for the beach or pool. Either people pack too much in their beach bags, or they do not take enough. Here is what seems to be coming with me this summer.   Target beach towels: I love these, and they […]

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What’s in My Pocketbook?

When I ask for blog article suggestions, I am always pleasantly surprised about the ideas I get. Recently, someone asked me to write about what I carry around in my pocketbook every day and I thought that was an awesome idea actually….so here goes!   Purell: I am a wicked germ phobe!   2. Mini […]

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