What’s in My Pocketbook?

When I ask for blog article suggestions, I am always pleasantly surprised about the ideas I get. Recently, someone asked me to write about what I carry around in my pocketbook every day and I thought that was an awesome idea actually….so here goes!


  1. Purell: I am a wicked germ phobe!



2. Mini Hand Cream: Dry hands are gross and I use so much hand sanitizer that I need a balance.



3. NYX Butter Gloss: I love these lip glosses for daily use. They are inexpensive and have a variety of colors.



4. Scrunchies: Sometimes a girl needs to throw her hair up in a bun! These also do not make that horrible line in your hair if you have straight hair.



5. Aqualina Pink Sugar Roller Ball: This perfume is light and perfect for any season. I always love to smell nice, and roller balls are a quick way to freshen up.



6. Sephora Mirror: These fit perfectly in your bag!



7. Tylenol Travel Size: You never know when you are going to get a headache or body aches out of the blue and these are easier on the stomach compared to advil.



8. Gelusil: Best over the counter stomach med ever…..takes care of everything!



9. Snacks: I am always hungry. Legit! If I do not eat every 2-3 hours I get that shaky feeling. I tend to carry Cliff or Luna bars to avoid this.


10. Lily Pulitzer Planner: I am old school and still like to write everything down on a calendar. These have been my favorite planners the last few years.




11. Gum: Always peppermint flavor



12. St. Anthony Prayer Card: This was my grandfather’s saint and I feel like he is with me when I carry it.



13. Pictures of my son: I am so proud of him and sometimes a real picture is much better than one on a phone right!?



Hope you found this article entertaining!!!