Style Session: Women Over 50

Age is nothing but a number….one of my favorite mantras. Some women feel like when they reach a certain age, they can’t wear certain things or have long hair or wear heels…etc…I say that is nonsense!! Women over 50 can wear all of the latest trends, just like women that are 30 can. You just need the right fit and cut….and stylist (that would be me) to show you how.
I recently had the pleasure of styling Diane Amelia Reed. She likes to describe herself as a “badass, cat mom, reiki master, surfer wannabe, bulimia conqueror who is rocking 60 and beyond.”
Diane was a blast to style. She was in search of fun clothes she could wear out at night. We picked camo, animal print, leather and studs! Check out some of her looks below.
Here is Diane’s take on her styling experience in her own words.
“Tiffany and I spent a fab couple of hours together at Scout and Molly where she helped me update my wardrobe so that I can feel both funky and elegant when going out in the world.  Despite being fit and thin, I’m shaped like a tree … thick on the bottom, willowy on the top. I can be very difficult to fit.  As a result, I hate to shop because I often come away empty handed.  Tiffany reversed the curse.  She quickly zeroed in on my sense of comfort and style, and showed me things that flatter my shape.  In no time, I was walking out with two bags filled with pieces that mix and match to make a dozen new outfits.  Then … bonus … we went next door and I scored a swimsuit, too!”
Now for some info on Diane’s business.
-Diane’s passion is helping people claim their power and shine their unique light. She provides tools for helping others such as personal growth training, fitness and nutrition coaching, motivation and accountability. Her 10-week online workshop, Shine, launches April 6 and is designed to help you become the brightest, most fulfilled version of yourself. In addition, there is a virtual wellness club for women 40+ that helps members stay motivated and accountable with sustainable plans that keep you healthy for life. The next virtual fitness group starts March 2, 2020; registration closes February 24th, and the group is limited to 10 women. This wellness club includes a mentoring opportunity for women who want to join me in building a business helping others thrive. Diane feels her payoff  is with each of these things she does, she becomes a better and better version of herself.
If you would like to check out Diane and what she does, please follow her on insta @realdianeamelia or on her website at