How To Find Yourself a Red Lipstick….

Red lipstick makes a statement, yet so many women think they can’t wear red lipstick. My response is always: “There is a red lipstick for everyone.” And…there really, really is!!!

Ok so I am going to teach you how to find a perfect shade of red for your lips.

First you need to decide if you have warm or cool skin tones. I like to do this for red lipstick using the “jewelry trick.” If you look better in gold jewelry then you have warm skin tones. If you look better in silver jewelry, you have cool skin tones. If you can wear either gold or silver, then you have neutral skin.



Warm skin tones tend to look good in reds with orange, golden, coral, or fire tones. Beware of orange tones if you have yellow-ish teeth because it make them appear more yellow.

Cool skin tones tend to look good with cherry, rasberry, wine, and burgundy reds. Blue undertones make teeth look whiter….FYI!!

Neutral tones or Medium skin tones are lucky and can get away with most shades of red!!!




If you have chapped lips, avoid matte red lip products….trust me….they will look awful!!! Cream formulas are way more hydrating. Liquid lipsticks or lip stains last the longest if you want the red color to stay all day. If you do not want a bold red lip, then gloss is the most subtle formula.



Send me your selfies in your red lips and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a prize on Valentine’s Day!!!

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