I can’t wear red!!! (Or can I?) What shade? Help!!!!

You have no idea how many questions I get about what shade of red someone should wear. I have to tell you…..there is a shade of red for everyone!!!!!! Yes there really is!!!! You need to figure out if your skin is a warm tone, a cool tone, or a neutral tone. There are two fool proof ways to determine what your skin tone is.  The first way is to look at your veins.


In warm tones veins appear to look green. In cool tones veins appear to look blue or purple, and in neutral tones it is rather hard to tell the difference.



The second method involves holding up a piece of white paper to your face. If your skin appears to look yellow or pale, you have warm tones. If your skin appears to look pink, rosy, or blue, you have warm tones. If your skin looks greyish or stays the same, you have neutral tones.


OK!!! So now that you have determined your skin tone….now we can talk about what shades of red you can wear.

*Warm tones should look for orange tinted reds, such as cinnamon, copper, ruby, rust, or scarlet.


*Cool tones should look for blue based reds, such as berry, burgundy, crimson, cherry, or brick.



*Neutral skin tones can wear ANY shade of red!!!


Having dark hair, green eyes, and a medium skin tone I am fortunate to be able to wear my favorite color in any shade…which makes me very happy….lol



Sport your fave red and stay tuned for the next blog on red lipstick shades!!!!