My latest buys on Amazon….

I am definitely an Amazon fan….have been for awhile….They literally seem to have just about anything and everything possible. Here are a few of the past month’s purchases that I feel are worth mentioning to my readers.

  1. Pink Sugar Perfume: I have been wearing this for years during the Summer months. People always compliment me when I wear it. Sephora stopped selling it, so it is hard to find….but Amazon has it!



2. Ray Ban sunglasses: They have them for cheaper than most stores lately. If you have a smaller face, like me, then buy the youth size. They look better and are cheaper too!






3. Masks: I love this two pack. They are a little loose, so they do not feel suffocating on the face, and I love the small, heart detail.



4. Swimwear: Yes….they have a ton of it….Shein and Cupshe on Amazon are on trend, inexpensive brands that fit “true to size.” I wanted a neon bathing suit, but did not want to spend a lot of money, so this was perfect.



5. Pocket Leggings: If you are like me, then you have been walking more since quarantine hit us. I like to have a little pocket to put my keys or phone in when I walk, and these leggings are super comfy….and have the pocket too. They are also less than $20!



6. Padded, Crop Tank: I literally wear this white one with everything and anything you can imagine. It fits so well, I plan on buying it in two more colors. I wear it to work out. I wear it with skirts and jeans too.




****Hope you enjoyed reading about my Amazon finds!