June Top 10 List

The summer top 10 faves list is always so hard to narrow down!!! There is just soooo much cool that happens in June, July, and August!!! Ok…here is my list of latest faves.


  1. Funny Bunny: This OPI nail polish has been my favorite summer color for the past 5 years. It is literally the perfect white: not too thick and not too sheer.


2. NYX San Paolo Lip Color: This is kinda pink, red, and orange all rolled into one summer color.



3. Dole Tropical Frozen Fruit: This is the perfect summer taste in my morning smoothie.



4. Catsuit: My cousin used to wear these to the nightclubs back in the 1980s and I remember loving watching her get dressed up in these when I was a little girl. I thought it would be cool to bring them back. Heather Presley makes the most comfortable bodysuits. They come in all colors and prints. Some are long sleeves, some are shorts, and some are tank style. They are super soft, and their leggings are too. Use code Tiffy for 10% off your order at http://www.theheatherpreseley.com


5. Raybans: Classic and cool. Always my fave sunglasses. Use code TIFF15 @loptiqueboutique


6. Oreo Tiramisu: No explanation necessary. Delish



7. Ice Drinks: This has taken over seltzer water for me. There is no sugar in these and I am obsessed with this flavor for summer.



8. Bath and Body Works Bali: Every summer, I pick a new favorite coconut scent from here and this is the choice for summer 2020.


9. Wooden Flags: My best friend’s husband recently started making wooden flags and they are taking off as a business for him at rapid speed. Follow him on insta and message to order and stay tuned for some new designs coming up!




10. The Label Ltd.: If you like to rep Boston on your clothing and accessories, then check out @thelabeltd on insta. I love their t-shirts.


Hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of the latest top 10!