Most Flattering Swimwear for Your Shape

Ahhhh….it is definitely bathing suit season here. Good news is that there are many options of swimwear on sale now……however, many women are very confused about what style swimsuit they should buy to flatter their shape. I can help with that! Ready!

  1. Pear Shape: Avoid boy shorts and thick bands on the bottom as it will shorten your leg length. Instead, look for skirts, ornate tops, high rise bottoms and cut out swimsuits.


2. Small bust: Look for embellishment on the top, bows, bold patterns, ruffles/flowy tops, triangle tops, or a bandeau style.




3. Large bust: Make sure whatever top you choose has supportive cups, an underwire, and adjustable straps.


4. Curvy fit: If you want to show off your curves, an asymmetrical fit is the way to go, and it is super on trend too.


5. Athletic build: To create curves and a shape, go with a monokini or a bikini bottom with a side tie.



6. Tummy concealing/plus size: Look for a dress with uneven layers or a bottom that is shirred. A two piece with a high waist looks amazing too.


If you need help picking out your swimwear for summer 2020 please message me to book a styling session…stores are open now!!!!