May Top Ten!!!

I think these lists have always been a hit, but they seem to be more of a hit lately so I keep writing them each month….LOL…..Seriously… is very flattering that so many people are interested in what my monthly favorites are. Here goes May!!!

  1. Magnetic Lashes…..These are a game changer people…legit….on in two seconds flat. I will never wear lashes that need glue again I don’t think. I got mine from Target online for $14.99 and they last about 15 uses.


2. Hikes: I was never a girl who hiked….but I am enjoying them recently when I take my walks.


3. Leopard Clutch from Heart & Sole Boutique in Boston: This is just adorable, and it will go with so many looks in all 4 seasons. Buy it online at


4. Logo Belts….Maybe because I grew up in the 90s where logos were everything, but I am loving all of the logo belts. They can dress up a simple white tank and jeans. Many of these belts can be found at consignment shops or even ebay.


5. Neck and Chest Masks….We always think of getting facials and doing face masks, but the neck and chest area are just important ladies!!! Who wants wrinkles there??? I am loving this mask from Amazon lately.



6. Soft Spun Jumpsuit….If you have not tried the soft spun material from the Gap and Old Navy you have no idea what you are missing out on. It is sooooo comfy…..feels like pajamas. This is from Old Navy.


7. Booty by Brabants Sets in Pastels    I love the fit of these sets. Super flattering and comfy. They have the prettiest color pastel sets right now in mint green, blues, pinks and lavender.


8. Butter Toffee K Cup….My father insisted on leaving these at my house because he bought a ton…..I love this flavor now! You gotta try it….especially if you are a hazelnut fan.



9. Nike Cortez….I love old school sneakers, but I recently became obsessed with this pair and they were actually very hard to find. Maybe because they are white….or have that red, white and blue flare to them and Memorial Day and Fourth of July are coming up soon. Anyways, I ended up hunting them down at Zappos.





10. OPI Dutch Tulips….I love this color in Spring and Summer. It looks red, but it also looks pink….so basically it looks great with everything!



Hope you enjoyed the latest edition of my top ten!!!!!!