Gained A Little Weight Recently??? What To Wear To Look and Feel Your Best You…

I got a lot of requests from women asking me what they should wear to flatter their shapes because they have put on a little extra weight due to the COVID crisis or they have not been working out as much and feel kinda down. Cut yourself some slack. This has been a tough time for all of us. It is hard to manage life duties during this crisis, let alone find time to eat right and exercise regularly. I am a firm believer that you can always look and feel your best version of you with the right clothing styles. I love when a woman has self-confidence, and I feel that the right outfit can assist with that. So if you are not feeling on top of your game lately, here are some style tips that will help you and flatter your shape while looking trendy too.


  1. Shift/Swing Dresses: These are universally flattering on all body shapes and sizes.


2. Off-the Shoulder Tops with Leggings/Skinny Pants: The off the shoulder style draws the eyes upwards to above the neck.


3. Wrap Dress/Tops: Again, this is a universally flattering style. I loved these tops when I was trying to lose the baby weight I gained from having my son.


4. Sweatsuits: These are ALL the rage lately.


5. Wide Leg Pants: This was a big trend last summer, and it will continue this summer as well.


6. Pepelum Tops: This style hits everyone at their slimmest part, which is their waist, and it creates an hour glass shape.


7. Long Cardigans: I love these. They are cozy like a blanket, and they are a great layering piece too.


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