March Top 10!!!

Well….this month is not my usual out and about top 10, but it is my monthly faves adapted to this new way of living we have all been experiencing the past few weeks. By request, here are my March faves:

  1. Tye-Dye Sweatsuit: This color and print screams Springtime. It is super comfy and makes me feel “dressed” as I go through social distancing. You can get it from Madison Ave. of Melrose who will ship it to you or deliver to your door!!!



2. Skin Collagen supplement: This one is by Smarter Nutrition. It is made up of a unique, marine blend, has plant-based collagen production boosters, and an antiglycation complex for skin protection. The flavor is delicious and it protects against stress, poor sleep, and a poor diet while maintaining your youthful appearance.


3. Pretzel Poptarts: Perfect combo of salty and sweet for a treat. I eat one only….not for breakfast either…but once in awhile at night.


4. Dove foaming soap: I have always been a Dove kinda gal, but this shower foam smells amazing and leaves skin so soft, and you can also use it to shave!



5. Rolling Stones T-shirts: Not really a “rocker”, but I love the Stones and I love rock band graphic tees. A t-shirt and jeans is about as “dressed up” as I have been the last week or so. You can order these on Amazon or online at Target, and they are very inexpensive.



6. Horn Pond: I have never walked so much since my son was young enough to be in a carriage!!! I love this walk in the Woburn/Winchester area. It is a little woodsy and a little bit near the water. It also has some hills too. It helps me feel like I got “out.”


7. Ponytail Extensions: These are all the rage lately!! They are super easy to use and will be perfect on warmer days in Spring and Summer when you want to look “put together.” I love the one I got on Amazon. The price was amazing, and it come sin a variety of lengths and hair color shades.



8. Spanx Skirt: If you love how the Spanx, faux leather leggings fit, then you will love these skirts! I wore mine on my “last night out” for awhile. Scout and Molly’s in Lynnfield carries these skirts if you want to try them on, or you can purchase online. They are stretchy, comfy, and high-waisted which is very flattering.




9. Energy bites from BodyFuelCafe. What is an energy bite you ask? Well here is a description in their own words.

Photo Nov 29, 10 04 07 AM.jpg


To us, it means the right kind of energy you need for your body. At BodyFuel Café, our mission is to bring you dessert-inspired energy bites, without the dessert calories. As a fun and hip take on the increasingly-popular energy bite, we’re stepping on the scene to be the delicious, healthy answer in a never-ending junk food world.

For those who aren’t in with what an “energy bite” is – they are donut hole-sized balls that are loaded with healthy ingredients that typically include dried fruit, oats, nuts, seeds, cocoa, protein powder, and so on. The beauty and appeal of these bite-sized snacks is they are chock-full of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and complex carbs—hence the “energy”. Stuff that we dig include but aren’t limited to: natural ingredients, healthy complex carbs, high-protein, dairy-free, gluten-free options, plant-based drinks, naturally occurring sugars, nutrient-dense foods; all those things we sum up in one word: Fuel.


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10. Traveling Juice: I met these girls last Summer and I love their products! You will actually be hearing about them soon in a future blog post. Their juice is delicious and nutritious. A word from the ladies:

– We started the Sisterhood of the Traveling Juice to spread the healing through our fresh, nourishing juices.
– For about a year, we produced and delivered fresh organic celery juice throughout the Boston area.  We eventually branched out to a few other healing flavors, and held workshops, popup events at various fitness studios and corporate offices, and sold juice online for delivery and pick up!
– Though we learned a lot and have a passion for juicing, we realized we wanted to make a bigger impact by adding education and empowerment to our mission. At events, people were asking us, “but WHY should I drink juice?”
– There is so much false and confusing information about there about how and why to juice, types of juice, and even how to nourish your body in other ways through food, mindfulness, and exercise.  We wanted to clear up this confusion, and help people fight the fatigue and health issues that so many people face from not knowing how to nourish the body.
Please make sure you follow them on instagram at traveling.juice.
Hope you loved the March edition of the top 10!!!!!