Why It is Still Important To “Get Dressed” Each Day….

Listen people…I love wearing pajamas and being comfy as much as anyone, and I am by no means suggesting to get full on glam during quarantine. (although it may be nice to have a date night and dress up at home for your partner but that is a whole other topic lol) However, I do think everyone should try and get out of pajamas each day.

  1. First of all, you are more apt to get outside and move if you are dressed. Moving and exercise is essential to our mental and physical health right now.
  2. Getting dressed can make you feel better about yourself…even if it is leggings and a t-shirt. It can bring some normalcy back to your daily routine too.
  3. Getting dressed actually is a form of self-care. Showering, washing your hair and face, etc…..Not doing this can make you feel in a rut or even depressed and anxious. Filling up time with some normal, daily routines can help alleviate this.
  4. It sets the tone of being productive. I feel I accomplish more “work from home” tasks when I am out of my pajamas.


I know it can feel pointless to wear anything but pajamas when all who sees you is your immediate family, or if you live alone. I challenge you to try it. There is so much beyond our control right now, that we have to do the little, daily things that bring us all a sense of normalcy that we can control. I guarantee your day will feel a bit better and you will feel more productive and less “blah.” Please let me know how you feel if you haven’t been “getting dressed’ each day! Wish you all the best!