Feb Faves!!!!

This list of faves is such a random mix….but here goes….

  1. Zylast: This is like a Purell on steroids….It is hospital grade and kills everything under the sun and is awesome to travel with or keep in your bag during flu and stomach bug season. You have to buy it online though.



2. Oreo Mega Stuff: This is legit the best oreo ever made and thank god I give up sweets for lent…..lol


3. Terra Blue Chips: I am obsessed with these…I can not explain why…but I am….and since I gave up sweets I need salty I guess!



4. Round Bags: I love a smaller, round bag lately. They fit a lot and the shape is unexpected and on trend. This adorable bag comes from Madison Ave. of Melrose.



5. Little Black Leggings from Booty by Brabants: They are one size fits all. The 7/8 length fits those under 5’4″ perfectly without hemming, and this style is great to wear out at night with a crop top….and the best part is they are sooooo comfy!



6. Wraps as Skirts: Why Not?? You tie them exactly how you want them and you don’t have to worry about the waist or length being right because you can adjust it yourself. Pretty creative right!



7. Half-Up Half-Down hair: This style is good for those indecisive days, and hair that is a little pulled back is like an instant face lift.



8. Fur/Leather Mix: We tend to wear either a fur jacket or a leather jacket, but I love the combo!!!! This jacket was a steal at Macys…..$27 from $119 on clearance!


9. Sweaters with Sleeves that are Extra: For so long we wore, one shoulder sweaters or cut our shoulder sweaters, so why not wear a sweater with “a lot” on the sleeve. This one is from Madison Ave. of Melrose.



10. Sequin Clutch: This one is from Pellone Designs and it is the perfect neutral color that you can take along for all your spring and summer weddings.


Hope you enjoyed the latest top 10!!!