How to Travel to an Island With Just a Carry-On…

Yes….you read this correctly….I packed for a six day island vacation in a carry-on….yes me….the clothes loving, fashionista….I did it!




I am not going to say this was as easy task, or that it was not heavy, or that I did not need help lifting it up in the overhead bins….but I did it….and I even had clothes left over that I did not wear!!!!



Now the easiest way to do this is to pack colors that can be mixed and matched easily. For example, use black and white as a base and maybe add in a few bright colors or prints to mix and match. I took a black bodysuit that I wore two nights in a row with different bottoms. I always pack a denim jacket because it looks good casual and over a dress, and I also always pack a pair of denim shorts because they can also be dressed up or down. Try and pack dresses and rompers for at night because it is one item, as opposed to 2-3 items for an outfit. Also, try and take clothing in a material that does not wrinkle. It will save you ironing time and it will also fold easily to give you more space.

They sell these wonderful travel bags, or you can use a ziploc, to put items in to give you more space and some organization too. I did not use them this time, but I know people who use them and love them!


For bathing suits, I took four…yes four….but they can be scrunched up easily and all tops and bottoms could be mixed and matched. I also took cover-ups that could be worn out at night too. Beachfrills online has amazing ones FYI!!



I love this neon dress from Bobbles and Lace. It doubled as a coverup and a dress.



I took one workout outfit to exercise in……white Booty by Brabants pants…..If you have not tried her pants by the way you are missing out. They are one size fits all and they really do fit everyone and you can literally scrunch them up into a ball in your suitcase and they will still look good.



I travel in leggings, a tank, and a lightweight sweatshirt, and that is exactly what I travel home in. I wear sneakers cause they are the easiest shoes to navigate an airport in and then I have a pair of sneakers to work out in too!



For other shoes, I took espadrilles, converse, nude heels, nude flip flops, and studded flip flops (in case I wanted to wear flats at night.) Here are some of my looks I wore on the island.



I have included the following checklist as a guide.




One thing I always travel with is a hand sanitizer called Zylast. You have to get it online, but it literally is hospital grade and kills EVERYTHING!!! I wipe down the tray tables with it on the plane and use it throughout the trip.

The best part of taking a carry-on….not waiting for luggage and getting right out on the island with this little one~



If you want help with organization or packing, please email me at