What should I consign or get rid of and sell?

Wondering what items are in demand at consignment shops and social media marketplaces? Well, I am going to tell you!!!

  1. Trench Coats: These are always in demand come early Spring.


2. Oversize Glasses: These are slowly trending out, but some people just love big glasses.


3. Anything With Fruit Prints: This print is also trending out, but some people love to wear anything with a pineapple in summer!


4. Platform Shoes: These are HUGE for Spring and Summer 2020 and people will be in search of unique vintage platforms for sure!


5. Vintage 1970s Print Shirts: Like the platforms……people will also be looking for authentic shirts from the disco era to be trendy.




6. Vintage Band T-Shirts: These graphic tees are everywhere and anywhere so why not sport an authentic one!


If you would like assistance with consigning clothes, please reach out to me.