After Xmas Sales: Best Time To Shop!!!!!

I LOVE shopping from like Dec. 27-Dec. 30. The deals are insane!!! Like everywhere!!!! Here is my list of what is worth buying!!!


  1. Winter Boots: These have been out since September, and the stores really want to push them out to make way for resort wear and early Spring styles.


2. Winter Coats: Same reason the boots are all discounted!


3. Wrapping Paper: I always stock up for next year!!!! It is never cheaper than now peeps!


4. Christmas Decor: Did you hate all your decorations this year? Want to change your look? Artificial tree falling apart? Just like the wrapping paper, it is never cheaper than now.



5. Holiday Candles: I buy some every year and put them away for little gifts for the following year. Yes…..they really do retain their scent!!!


6. Sequin Clothing: These items tend to be heavily discounted because there is a drop in sales on sequins once New Year’s Eve is over.


7. Holiday Pajamas: I always buy a pair and put away for next season….even for kids….just buy the next size up!


8. Scarves/Hats/Gloves: They are shipping them out and making way for Spring accessories by the end of January.



Enjoy the sales people!!!!!