November Top 10 Faves!!!!!

Happy November People!!!!! Here is my monthly list of my top 10 faves!!!!

  1. Criss Cross-Wrap Sweater: These are the same style as a crop top, but they offer more warmth. Love these two from Sew Mia Boutique and Madison Ave. of Melrose.



2. Neon Trend: This was huge in summer and I am so glad it is continuing into the winter months too!


3. Old School Burberry: It is back….just like Dior came back….and it is a perfect print for the month of December actually! Check out this sweater and bag from Madison Ave.!



4. Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion: My fave holiday body cream from Bath and Body Works is back for a limited time only!!! Such a light, clean smell that won’t interfere with all your other perfumes.



5. Lincoln Park After Dark: Who doesn’t love this classic color!!! It literally matches everything!!



6. Leopard Faux Fur Coats: It is “extra” and I love that! This one comes from LIT Boutique.


7. Pretzels and Tzatziki Snack Packs: These are the best snack ever lately….just sayin….



8. Side pony Tails: This time of year is hectic…and cold….and well….we do not always have time to do our hair….but the side pony tail is the perfect way to look chic and put together in a jiffy,




9. Cel Beauty Protective Lip and Skin Moisturizer: This product is a miracle for colder months…..better than aquaphor and I never thought I would say that ever!!!!! I am an influencer for this brand so feel free to email me with any questions!


10. Wrap Me Up Teddy Fleece: This is like a teddy coat and blanket all rolled into one and has kept me warm in some of the coldest of hockey rinks!! It is less than $70 at Fit for Barre online or via their instagram!!


Hope you enjoyed my latest edition of the Top 10 faves!!