What Boots do I wear with my jeans?

Believe it or not I actually get tons of insta DMs on this subject….so I figured I would write a “jeans/boots” style guide. Here are the most popular style denim trends and boot suggestions you can pair with them.


***Cuffed Jeans…..Pair with…..

  1. ankle booties:


2. Winter boots:



*** Skinny jeans….pair with….

  1. Winter boots:



2. Cowboy boots:



3. Riding boots:



4. Over the knee boots:



***Frayed hem….pair with….


  1. Pointed toe boots:



2. Platform boots:



***Bell bottoms….pair with:


  1. Chunky heel boots:



***Cropped hem….pair with….


  1. Scrunch boots:



If you need help finding your perfect fitting denim, please email me at tiffyg77@yahoo.com