Suede Pants….

When many of us think about brown suede pants…we think 1970s disco or hippie era…. but they are actually a huge trend in the fashion world right now.

Here are some updated ways to wear your suede pants (whether they are a skinny fit or a wide leg) to bring you into 2019.


  1. With a bell sleeve blouse:

2. With a satin/silk top:



3. With a leather jacket:



4. With a shearling coat:



5. With a bomber jacket:



6. With a blanket scarf:



7. With a striped top:



8. With a denim top:



9. With a black tank or body suit:



I got these amazing pants at Forever 21…yes I did….for less than $25, which is a perfect price for a trendy item!



If you would like to book with me for help finding some stylish pants, please let me know via email