Best Jean Styles for Your Body Shape for Fall!

I have gotten SO MANY questions asking about what style trendy jeans will look best on what body shapes….well….have no fear!!! Here is my “go to-fail proof list”


  1. Boyfriend Jeans: These are a looser fit that work best on apple and athletic shapes. Many boyfriend jeans are distressed. Wear them with fitted tops, a blazer and heels, or for a laid back look, wear a tank and sneakers.


2. Straight Leg: This fit is less body hugging and more forgiving than the skinny jean. It works on hourglass shapes, apple shapes, and athletic types. They look great with flats, tailored shirts, or a t-shirt and booties.




3. Boot cut: This is the flared jeans cousin. They look best with a heel and are super flattering on hourglass and pear body shapes. They are so versatile and can be worn with a variety of tops.



5. Flared Jeans: These are all the rage right now! They make a statement and are super trendy and on point. Pear, curvy, and hourglass shapes look amazing in flared denim. Petites can wear super flared jeans if they get a pair with a proper inseam. I recommend ultra fitted tops for a 70s vibe.



6. Skinny Jeans: These are the fit that are slimmest at you ankle. But…..YES ALL body types can wear these if you wear a top with volume or a dark slimming tank or bodysuit.


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