How To Shop for 90s Jeans…

Come August, many of us embarked on a hunt to buy new jeans for Fall. The early 2000s had us in the lowest waist possible. 2010-2021 was the reign of the skinny jean. Currently, we have the 90s denim trends. Not sure if the surge in wearing comfortable clothes due to the pandemic brought about […]

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What Boots do I wear with my jeans?

Believe it or not I actually get tons of insta DMs on this subject….so I figured I would write a “jeans/boots” style guide. Here are the most popular style denim trends and boot suggestions you can pair with them.   ***Cuffed Jeans…..Pair with….. ankle booties:   2. Winter boots:   *** Skinny jeans….pair with…. Winter […]

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Spring Denim Trends!!! YAY!!!

Who doesn’t love jeans!!!! They can be casual….dressy…office appropriate….Well, in spring 2019 the denim trends are definitely not the typical skinny jeans we have been wearing for the past decade! Here is what you need in your closets for spring 2019!   Straight leg:     I am loving straight legs with a funky hem. […]

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