Recent buys at Forever 21….yes you can you still shop there….

There is such a bad stigma about this store in the sense that after a certain age you can not shop here anymore. This is false because even my 72 year old mother (sorry ma) finds a sweater or two here from time to time. They are super trendy and inexpensive….but people….you want inexpensive when buying a trendy item because it will most likely be something you won’t keep in your closet for years and years. Ok so here are my latest finds for Fall that highlight some of the latest trends.


  1. Suede, bell bottom flares: Yes they are back….preferably in a neutral color. Look! These were only $27.90



2. Plaid Dress: Get mad for plaid because it is everywhere….and not just for the holiday season. Love how this print is in black and white, as well as how the dress is a fitted style….only $17.99



3. Off the shoulder, sweater: Rust will be one trendy color this Fall. This style sweater will look perfect with jeans and booties. Clearance price $7!



4. Open-back shirt: Again…another trendy Fall color…maroon….. open back shirts and sweaters worn with flared jeans will be BIG people! Only $12.90



5. Leopard Bodysuit: They are calling leopard print the new neutral for this upcoming season. Only $14.99



As you can see……I got amazing deals here on items that are appropriate for a variety of ages and shapes….definitely check out this store people! You will not be disappointed! Happy Shopping!