How to Wear Tye-Dye trends and not look like it is 1997…..yes it’s in style

Yup….it is true…it is back….tye dye….At first, I was not sure how I felt about his print…but yet…it is literally everywhere! Here are some basic ways to incorporate this trend into your spring and summer wardrobes.

  1. Dress:


2. Sweatshirt:


3. T-shirt:




4. Joggers:


I am obsessed with this tye-dye outfit from Madison Ave. of Melrose:


5. Sweater:


6. Jacket:


7. Headbands:


8. Skirts:


9. Tank tops:


So as you can see…..the tye dye trend really is not so bad….it can be a fun late summer or fall print to wear actually. I just recommend that you definitely not spend a lot on any tye dye item….keep it $20 or less because it is most likely going to be a passing trend.