Styling Session Sneak Peak (yes…everyone gets a bodysuit)….LOL

I recently styled Adina, who was referred by a friend to me. She had completed a very successful weight-loss journey with Weight-Watchers and she looks amazing! However, none of her summer clothes fit….other than leggings and over-sized t-shirts. Her budget was $300 and she requested Marshalls for the variety and inexpensive prices. We got about 20 pieces on her budget with a mix of casual and dressy items. Here is her opinion on the experience in her own words:



“I first heard about “The Thrill of the Hunt by Tiff” from my oldest and dearest friend Danielle Mallett.  She had started on a weight loss journey herself and had the help from Tiffany to purchase a brand new wardrobe.  She looks absolutely amazing in her new outfits and I knew I needed to do the same thing.
I started my own weight loss journey back in May 2018.  My lifestyle was not the healthiest and I had to make some changes ASAP! I needed to be healthy for myself and also to keep up with my 12 year old daughter.  I signed up for weight watchers with a few girls from work.  At the time, I already had it in my head that I needed to lose a significant amount of weight.  Exercising for me has always been out of the question as I have had 4 back surgeries in my lifetime.  2 of those surgeries have occurred within the last 3-4 years.  If I couldn’t exercise, I knew the next best thing would be changing the foods I eat.  Weight watchers allowed me to not only eat what I wanted (but measured out), I was also able to introduce new foods into my diet.  I did not attend any meetings for motivation or accountability.  My motivation was witnessing the scale each week when I weighed in.  My starting weight on this program was 190, and in 1 year I had lost 40 pounds (I still have about 10-15 left to go to meet my goal).  Of course, now with this weight loss, came the issue of not having any clothes that would fit me.
When I was at my starting weight, I refused to purchase clothes that were in the double digits.  I had never been that heavy in my life and I knew I was going to make a change to that, so I didn’t want to waste my money.  Also, the thought of purchasing anything in a size 12-14 was motivation enough for me to make a change! During this time, my comfort zone for clothing was leggings, baggy shirts/sweaters, any shirts that covered my butt, and sweatpants.  BORING!!!! Now with the weight loss, I wanted to branch out of my comfort zone and purchase clothes that I never would have picked out before! But I knew for myself, if I had tried that on my own, I wouldn’t have done it.  I would have stuck with what I know, but only in smaller sizes.
I met with Tiffany at Marshall’s in Stoneham.  I walked up to her to introduce myself and she already had a carriage in hand.  We met, we talked and she shopped.  She had 2 rules. #1 I need to trying on EVERYTHING she picks out. #2 everyone gets a body suit.  As I’m watching her throw items in the carriage I’m thinking to myself on most of the items “oh heck no!”  She picked out items that I would NEVER consider to try on.  There were bright colors, prints, high waisted pants, jump suits, dresses and then – the bodysuit! (I’ve always made fun of those!) As I started to try the clothes on, I became more and more comfortable with her choices and realized that I can rock a lot of these styles….I just had to actually pick them off the rack! I ended up purchasing about 90% of the items she picked out.  Including the bodysuit! So comfortable and adorable with the high wasted pants I bought!! And I am in love with everything I got! All of the items fit me perfectly and all of them are items that I would never have bought on my own! Now that I know that there’s more to clothing than black leggings and baggy shirts, my wardrobe from here on out will be kicked up a notch! I used to be bored with my closet, but after meeting with Tiffany, my closet has life again and I look forward to putting on something new everyday! Thank you to Tiffany for giving me the confidence I needed to add different styles to my wardrobe! I am looking forward to the next time we can do this!!”
***Here are some of the looks we got!
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