What To Wear To Encore Casino….(or any casino really)

I have visited Encore Casino in Boston a handful of times this summer, and I admit that I am disappointed in many of the outfits I am seeing in there during the later, evening hours. Some people literally look like they have walked off the beach with ripped shorts and flip flops. Now maybe this would fly at 10 am on a Tuesday, but on a Saturday night, in an upscale lounge or restaurant, in this gorgeous place….it is just not appropriate. And….perhaps the fashionista in me also expected a ton of style at this place and was shocked to see it lacking. Also, I have gotten a ton of questions from people regarding help and advice on what to wear when they go there on a Friday or Saturday…..so here are my current suggestions for Fall on what to wear to Encore….



  1. All black outfit with a leather skirt:




2. Black jumpsuit:



3. Snakeskin shorts:




4. Leopard skirt:





5. Corset Bodysuit (Definitely for the bold and for a big night out):



Hopefully this helped you ladies plan your night out to Encore!

****Also, if you want a mini styling session with me for an occasion or a girl’s night out, please reach out to me!