Five Summer Outfits that Highlight Your Curves…

So I recently had a few requests to suggest what summer outfits best highlight a woman with curves. Now, women with curves come in all forms. Some women have more muscular calves and legs, some have fuller thighs, a bigger butt, or an hourglass shape. All forms are beautiful and should be shown off by the way!!!! Ok so here are my 5 summer looks to show off your curves!


  1. Crop top and wide leg pants:



This happens to my fave way to show off my curvier half currently.



2. Boyfriend denim shorts: These hit at the mid-thigh range so they do not ride up on ya.



3. Flowy top and skinny bottom:



4. High-low dresses:



5. Rompers:



If you need any help locating these styles or want to book a styling session, please email me at